Expertly Leverage Your Pay-Per-Click Strategy To Serve Clients With Messaging Where They Are Actively Seeking Information. Google Is The Source Of More Than 8.5 Billion Searches Each Day* Worldwide, And We Know How To Capitalize On Those Searches To Place Your Brand Where It Needs To Be.

Glacier media marketing’s team of google ads experts will build you a breakthrough, customized strategy based on your business goals. As we analyze your current ppc efforts and evaluate your competition, we will build a plan that will achieve the results you seek.

Google ads bring a tremendous amount of awareness to brands who choose to engage with the platform. As the most formidable marketing tool in your brand’s toolbox, consider glacier media marketing as the trusted expert to build, manage, and optimize your search strategy.

Partnering To Build Your Google Ads Strategy Is Paramount

We will take a deep dive into what your brand’s current ppc strategy is producing to offer meaningful enhancements or create your plan from the ground up.

We Are Laser Focused On Being Your Google Ads Expert

Our team understands the need to remain current with the latest in google ads offerings. Google has more than an 86% market share* in the search engine space and it is critical to partner with experts who have a dedicated focus on their platform.

Understanding The Difference Between Search Engine PPC And Paid Social Ads

Google ads will deliver text-focused content to its search queries often providing links to websites; while paid social may feature video, photos, and other display types of advertisements.

Follow The Data And Using The Insights To Make Enhancements

The data captured from a properly managed google ads strategy offers a wealth of information. Our team will review performance data regularly, turning that data into knowledge that enhances your program.

What Our Clients Say

I hired Glacier after hiring another developer and after 4 months working with them still didn’t have a website for our product launch date. I only had 1 week to get a perfect bug free website up and running, with 1000’s of dollars in PR and expenses for the launch. Anna was very professional and was honest that they may not be able to complete the website before the launch. I decided go ahead with the development and put off the launch if needed. 2 days before the launch I had the most incredible website completed and meeting every expectation I could possibly have. The design was so incredible, and Glacier knew exactly what was needed to make the launch successful. I have continued to use them for all our marketing needs. I have been extremely happy!

While my relationship with Glacier Media Marketing has just begun it’s because of how responsive and how interested they are in helping me make my online marketing succeed. They have a great combination of technical and marketing expertise, which is what has won my business.

Anna and her team were awesome. Everything turned out wonderful. I will be sending more business their way. Thanks Glacier Media Marketing.

I worked with Anna and team on what I knew to be a need for marketing. We worked through my online presence and how it was (or was not) helping me. We worked through a plan to attack my problems. I’m thrilled with the outcome of the website, but that’s not all. What I also find awesome is that now, notably months later (I’m a slow reviewer), when I called her for help with a problem, she was quick to respond and worked on my problem with a smile and a laugh. That’s exactly what I needed today!

Responsive & helped develop a great website. I’ll use them again.

I hired Anna initially to look at our past SEO efforts, and see if we were a good candidate for SEO. We have used other people in the past with little to no results. Anna suggested we make some changes to our website to generate better results, I was very hesitant to do so in the beginning, but now our marketing campaigns are all up and operational and I am very impressed with the results. Our CTR has increased over 400% and our conversions have tripled. Anna is very professionally, and was patient with me when I questioned spending more money. I couldn’t be happier, thank you again Anna.

Anna with Glacier Media seems to have a great thing going. Glacier Media is a full service design firm that is able to meet our specific needs whether they be large or small. Anna has been responsive and quick to get to our projects with good feedback and insight.

I hired Glacier Media to do our social media to begin with and after just 3 months we had tripled our followings and our sales had increased over 40 percent. We have also used them for other aspects of our business as well. They have worked on our website, redid all of our marketing material with incredible design. We can really see the difference in the response from our customers. I can’t recommend them enough. Great Job!

Glacier Media Marketing is awesome to work with. They are produce high quality work, very professional and highly responsive. Keep up the good work guys!

I knew very little about technology or websites and didn’t know where to begin or what I wanted or needed for my dental practice website. After my first conversation with Anna I was put at ease and appreciated her patience and input. She walked me through the process and kept to her word on time frame and what to expect. Anna is personable, professional, and responded promptly to my questions and concerns. She cared about me as a client and went the extra mile to make sure I was happy with the website. I am very satisfied with Anna and what she did for me and my practice as far as marketing and would recommend her to anyone.

Anna and her team transformed by outdated and stodgy website. It is now clean, professional, and frankly beautiful. Now, I am really proud to send customers to my site. They also helped me with the writing and design of a case study critical to marketing my a new service niche and increasing my credibility. I was so pleased that I am going to engage them for additional work and to revamp another of my business sites.

I can’t just pick three things to say. This was as close to perfect experience as I could wish for. As CEO of my current companies, I have yet to deal with a marketing company that “got it” immediately. Glacier did. Anna constantly followed up and when we dropped the ball she was quick to catch it. I will continue to work with and highly recommend Anna and Glacier to everyone I work with.

We put our trust in Glacier’s hands after being lied to by a previous marketing company who destroyed our Google rankings and website. Glacier said it would take 3-6 months before we started seeing results since she had to fix all the errors that were done. She has a lot of patience to deal with me and my constant emails. My trust was destroyed from the last company, so it took some time to trust a new company. Right around six months is when we started to notice a huge increase in calls, emails and new clients. Business is booming and we are so grateful.

Glacier is amazing, punctual and so professional. They are truly a joy to work with. I have an new online magazine that will launch in Jan 2022. They have stepped right in to help our new project become a very successful venture.  Anna is truly a gem and I look forward to continuing collaboration with her

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